Marian's Stories

US Senate completes first step in codifying same-sex and interracial marriage with Respect for Marriage Act, a 'huge confidence boost' for maintaining LGBTQ+ homeownership gains
Dec 2
9 brokerages have partnered to launch the Wasatch Front Buyer Graph, which hosts real-time anonymized buyer data and habits and climate risk data
Dec 1
The former president and CEO died of natural causes on Nov. 27, according to a company announcement. The company will continue to support Burleson's philanthropic efforts
Nov 28
The Department of Housing and Urban Development on Monday prevailed in expanding flood insurance choices for homebuyers with Federal Housing Administration-insured mortgages
Nov 22
Inflation and mortgage rates took a hefty toll on homebuyers in October, with a record 60,000 home-purchase cancellations during the month, according to new data released Monday
Nov 21
Home prices could fall by 8%, but rising mortgage rates and a 'mild recession' will blunt the savings in buyers' pockets, according to Capital Economics' new US Housing Market Outlook
Nov 17
All-items inflation rose 7.7% in October — down from September's 8.2%. Although its welcome news, housing economists say it'll take until 2023 for homebuyers to see the savings
Nov 10