Marian's Stories

Real estate agent Hannah Tai uses her pastry chef skills to create unforgettable closing gifts for every client
Aug 17
The funds are helping more than 250 families in California affected by the Thomas Fire and Montecito Debris Flow to cover one month's rent or mortgage costs
Aug 16
Two real estate professionals share the keys to becoming a valuable part of your client's long-term financial plans
Aug 15
New feature combines drone photography, crowdsourced feedback from residents, and info about schools, crime, and LGBT protections for 300 communities and counting
Aug 14
President and CEO John Davis says sharp focus on proprietary technologies helped spark 8.7% sales boost
Aug 13
During the Great Recession, households with college students were twice as likely to experience foreclosure, and that risk still exists today
Aug 10
CEO Robert Thomson says there's plenty of room for Move and to grow, promises not to "usurp" Realtors
Aug 9
Learn the ropes of how to help buyers and sellers with their highly coveted destination properties
Aug 8