What could the proposed Brown/Blue line connection mean?

CTA has long ignored the city's west side residents-- but the connection could be a big step in the right direction

Chicagoans on the west side of the city know too well that getting around via public transportation is a headache. Unlike the Loop and North Side neighborhoods that have access to the Purple, Brown, Blue and Red lines– not to mention the bus routes– Chicago residents west of Halsted only have access to the Blue and Pink lines (for the most part).

So what would it mean for residents if they had easier access to the CTA? A lot.


The Transit Future Campaign unveiled about a year ago suggests this connections as one of the ways to improve getting around the city and the transit system as a whole.

And it’s benefits could go pretty deep for Far West Side residents. Access to jobs and improved neighborhoods around the proposed stops are just a few. Access could improve to the Metra and the airport as well.