Is a bad school worse than a strip club when it comes to home values?

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An infographic released today by indicates that it is — by quite a bit.


The company examined home prices and appreciation rates in ZIP codes that included what termed a “drag-me-down facility.” As the infographic indicates, those unwelcome additions to neighborhoods included hospitals, shooting ranges, power plants, funeral homes, cemeteries, homeless shelters, high concentrations of renters, strip clubs or bad schools. limited its scope to ZIP codes within the 100 largest metropolitan areas.

“While a top-performing school is definitely a plus for your property value, a bad school is a complete, out-and-out disaster,” wrote the company in its post. “The median home price of ZIP codes with schools that receive a 1 to 3 rating (out of a possible 10) from¬†is only $155,000.”

The company noted that correlation doesn’t equal causation, but consumers — and industry professionals — will no doubt find these conclusions¬†fascinating.

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