Plans for newly ratified MIH project submitted in Queens

Phipps Houses files zoning documents south of Sunnyside Yards
  • According to city documents, Phipps Houses wants to build 220 apartments with a 4,800 square foot preschool on the ground floor of 50-25 Barnett Ave.
  • If approved, Phipps’ Barnett development would be one of the first MIH projects under Mayor Bill de Blasio’s recently sanctioned Housing New York plan.
  • A petition by the Woodside & Sunnyside Neighborhood Affiliation garnered hundreds of signatures hoping to keep Sunnyside from residential growth sprawling over NYC’s landscape.
  • Although Phipps’ new project was certified, it still has to go through the Community Board 2 and the Queens Borough President for approval, followed by a review by the NYC City Council.

In the wake of the City Council’s overwhelming approval of Mandatory Inclusionary Housing, zoning documents were filed on Monday for a 10-story affordable housing complex in Queens.