Celeste Starchild on international buying trends

  • The average price of a home bought by international buyers is around $250,000, and they are branching into different markets.
  • The challenge to working with international portals is that they don't all comply with the same standards.

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Celeste Starchild Most people probably assume that international buyers are looking at luxury homes in the U.S. But according to Celeste Starchild, Move's senior vice president of professional software and general manager of ListHub, the average price of a home being purchased by an international buyer is a humble $250,000 -- even slightly under. Where are international buyers buying? She blew up another stereotype while speaking at yesterday's Global Connect NYC conference: Starchild said that although the talk of international purchases always centers around Miami, New York and San Francisco, the most popular U.S. market for overseas buyers at the moment is Bellingham, Washington, according to her figures. (Waco, Texas is also on the list of top cities.) The Seattle metro area, she explained, is a growing hub for tech businesses and also has large local industrial corporations (such as Boeing) attracting overseas talent. International portals Starch...