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Giveback Homes offering members free ReferralExchange licenses

Charitable real estate org connects members to rapidly growing referral service
  • Giveback Homes member agents now receive a free license to the referral network of over 17,000 agents.
  • ReferralExchange will donate $100 for every closed referral (up to $20,000) toward three international real estate projects.
  • Contributions will also help fund the Giveback Homes’ first build day in Sacramento on September 16.

Giveback Homes Many agents intersect charitable acts and business, but it’s easy to forget that housing is a necessity and, unfortunately, a scarcity for some. However, a new collaboration between Giveback Homes, a charitable network of real estate professionals from Southern California, and San Francisco-based ReferralExchange might be a push of goodwill the industry needs. "We are so honored to work with ReferralExchange and salute their innovative technology/white glove service approach to real estate," Blake Andrews, founder of Giveback Homes, said in a statement. "Together we will be able to achieve a mutual goal of changing lives for the better." The new alliance provides Giveback Homes member agents a free license to ReferralExchange's network, with the primary intention being to advance the number of homes built for those in need. As part of the partnership, ReferralExchange donates $100 for every closed referral (up to $20,000) toward three international humani...