The Inman Files: Thanks to California and you
An ode to the Golden State and some of the various figures who called it home, including yours truly
by Brad Inman | Today 7:39 A.M.
Connect / Reflect: Double exhilarating!
Germany’s Roland Kampmeyer explains why attending Connect is “like an energy bar and an energy drink at the same time”
by Matthew Shadbolt | Nov 21
End of net neutrality could spell doom for real estate
Move to allow internet providers to charge varying rates for online content could impact small businesses and mom-and-pop brokerages
by Jotham Sederstrom | Nov 21
GOP tax reform would drive up costs of selling a home
Zillow analysis finds Californians and New Yorkers more exposed to capital gains taxes under proposed Senate and House bills
by Jotham Sederstrom | Nov 21
North America to lead world in housing construction to 2021
Demand for new housing construction strongest in North America while Western Europe braces for bubble to burst
by Jotham Sederstrom | Nov 20
Connect/Reflect: The Dutch are here!
A quick interview with Holand's Boris Geheniau on why the Netherlands loves Inman Connect
by Matthew Shadbolt | Nov 20
NASA wants real estate pros for 3-D printed habitat contest
The space agency is offering $2 million to anyone who can successfully 3-D print a habitat using only dirt and recyclables
by Tina Casey | Nov 18
Is Opendoor testing a new listing brokerage service?
A Yelp review suggests it. Meanwhile, the company's job postings offer clues to expansion in San Antonio and Charlotte...
by Patrick Kearns | Nov 17
Wells Fargo axes consumer lending chief
Second largest home mortgaging service contends with series of scandals
by Jotham Sederstrom | Nov 17
Could Gary Keller and Robert Reffkin be more similar?
These fast-talking, brilliant entrepreneurs have big plans for the real estate industry
by Brad Inman | Nov 17
Will real estate go back to the Dark Ages after 2018?
One year from now, a critical agreement about online listings between the DOJ and NAR expires. What happens after that is anyone's guess...
by David Kully | Nov 17
Pinterest of real estate partners with lead-gen CRM
IdealEstate will now build specialized features for Inside Real Estate customers
by Craig C. Rowe | Nov 16
'Table-top peak' San Francisco market may hiccup in 2020
If the bullish Bay Area market does recede in a couple of years, prices will still be higher than they are now
by Gill South | Nov 16
What to expect when you're Connecting: Networking
How to make the most of your time at Connect with face-to-face listening and learning
by Matthew Shadbolt | Nov 16
House Republicans pass tax reform bill
Real estate industry has expressed numerous concerns over the legislation
by Jotham Sederstrom | Nov 16