Can longer Google search terms improve the quality of your website traffic?

Attracting real estate searchers is about quality, not quantity

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SAN FRANCISCO -- It's no secret that Google drives an enormous amount of traffic for real estate listings, and figuring out the best way to direct that traffic has become a big moneymaker for some. Paying to increase search engine optimization (SEO) on Google and other search engines is now a commonality, but according to a Google executive, there are multiple ways to push potential clients towards your real estate website. Google Partner Lead John Thornton says there are two ways to approach generating search engine traffic when starting your website. The first? "Start from the beginning and get help," he said during a discussion at Inman Connect San Francisco. "It’s a lot of steps and there can be a lot of logistics that go in place." Thornton, who focuses on real estate at Google, said services like BoomTown and Zap are effective at generating leads for agents, especially those who'd rather apply their time and energy elsewhere. The second tactic is a little more c...