Know someone who should make our Inman Influencer list for 2016?

Do you know someone who absolutely must be included? Tell us!

Every year, Inman reveals a list of real estate industry doers whose ingenuity, outspokenness, strength, conviction, power and persistence are driving change.

Last year, we named 101 different professionals to the Inman 101 list — including rebels, CEOs, power brokers, misfits, deal-makers, newbies and innovators whose ideas and actions will influence the way homes are bought and sold.

This list is a diverse mix of new and seasoned; the high- and the low-profile; small and mega brokers; top producers and everyday agents; old-school leaders and entrepreneurs — all of whom never stop doing.

Does someone you know match that description?

If the answer is “yes” — we’d love to have you nominate that person so we can make sure we consider them for the list!

Here’s how you do it: Fill out the questions embedded below or via this link. You may nominate up to five different people as an Inman Influencer.

Then tell us why you think your nominees should make the cut.

Our list of Inman Influencers will be announced in December. Maybe yours will be on it!

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