3 claims Realtors should think through carefully

Why 'My services are free to a buyer' and other common statements may not stand up to scrutiny
  • In agents' conversations with prospects, 'I've got buyers in your area,' 'My services are free to a buyer' and 'It's proven agents sell homes for more' are three claims that can stretch the truth.

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Most agents are upfront and honest with their clients. But in a business as crowded and complicated as real estate, some are bound to say misleading things to consumers -- perhaps often without even realizing it. These three common and delicate claims may not stand up to scrutiny. 1. “I’ve got buyers in your area” or “I’ve got buyers interested in your home” Many sellers who hear “I’ve got buyers in your area” might think the agent is working with specific buyers hunting for a home like theirs. But the phrase is often hyperbole. Perhaps the agent’s buyers are searching in a general area, but are they really interested in the seller’s neighborhood, home type and price? Don’t say “I’ve got buyers in your area” if it could be construed as a misrepresentation, industry veterans advise. “Yes, we all have buyers -- yet if you are calling area one and the buyer is looking in area two, you should not be saying you have a buyer,” said Aaron Wi...