Listing Bits: Reversing the reputation that real estate agents like 'ugly' marketing

Greg Robertson interviews Renwick Congdon, the CEO and founder of Imprev

Reposted with permission from Greg Robertson.

When agents are responsible for conceptualizing and creating their marketing materials (and distributing them), is it any wonder that sometimes design gets eschewed in favor of nurturing prospects, following up on leads, and closing deals?

“Real estate agents get a bad rap that way,” says Renwick Congdon, CEO and founder of Imprev Inc., a marketing technologies company in Seattle, in this episode of Listing Bits.

According to VendorAlley, “Congdon began his career in the 1980’s as a top-producing loan officer, helping the agents he worked with create personalized marketing fliers and eventually developing software to automate the process.

“A serial innovator, Congdon went on to write code for the PC and Mac desktop software program Flyerware, which instantly created personalized real estate flyers for agents and brokers.”

With Imprev, a listing automatically triggers the generation of a website, fliers, postcards, video, and social media pushes. Here, Congdon and VendorAlley publisher Greg Robertson dig into the beauty of automation — how streamlining and outsourcing the creative process can offer a higher level of professionalism, especially when design isn’t your core area of focus.

“When we first started, when we were doing a lot of print — people would say well ‘why are you doing that for real estate agents?’ — they like ugly stuff,” Congdon continues.

“If I had to sew my own shoes, they’d be pretty ugly. But if I go to Nordstrom and pick from a bunch of nice stuff…”

Listen in for the full discussion.