Are homebuyers happy with the lenders real estate agents refer?

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How well do homebuyers fare when they are referred to a lender by their real estate agents? Pretty well, although other motivators can lead to an even higher success rate, according to the latest National Borrower Satisfaction Index from the Stratmor Group, a Greenwood Village, Colorado, consulting firm. Looking back over the preceding 12 months from February, buyers who followed their agent’s lead in picking a lender -- 19 percent of the sample of 10,000 or so borrowers -- scored a “relatively high” and “very good" (91), according to the index. That’s much better than the “pretty mediocre” satisfaction score of 82 when borrowers chose their lenders because of financial incentives provided by their builder or employer. Indeed, the Stratmor report says, “for many such borrowers (2 percent of the sample), the incentive may not have been worth it.” However, borrowers tend to be the most satisfied when they cited their interaction with the loan officer as ...