Zillow, show us the Instant Offers beta test results

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Zillow’s new Instant Offers program beta-testing in Orlando and Las Vegas caused an industry wide discussion about its future plans. On the one hand, it could be a great opportunity for agents to discover potential sellers in an area and win new listings. On the other, it could undermine the value of an agent by connecting investors to sellers without agent representation (and maybe even traditional buyers in the long run). Nobody knows! However, this article is not about speculating Zillow’s intentions. There are already plenty of articles and conversations on social media if you want to explore the varying views. This article is about Zillow showing its loyalty to an industry it publicly states that it loves and supports. Remembering the purpose of Zillow Rich Barton, co-founder at Zillow, is a person I greatly admire. His successful career and views on how to disrupt industries inspire me and entrepreneurs across the world. I had the pleasure of hearing him give on...