Leigh Brown: 5 points Realtors are missing about Zillow

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I hear you, Realtors. You are mad at Zillow. And apparently you think that I don’t take the current situation seriously. Leigh Brown's Facebook Live video from Wednesday, May 24 with the caption: "My thoughts on the Zillow kerfluffel." But you are missing the point. Several points. 1. Zillow can and should put many Realtors out of business. Call it what it is. Not every Realtor does a great job. If a website can work for consumers better than you can, then it is on you. Mad at me yet? Great. Take a CRS class or start attending conferences to learn how to do real estate better. Not a single one of us knows everything and your refusal to keep learning and growing is why you aren’t sure how to define your value. Want to stay in business? Keep learning and growing. 2. One out of every 267 Americans is a Realtor. How many people do you know? Consider that with this stat, it seems possible that everyone who has visited Zillow looking for help already knows a Rea...