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Trulia study: Neighborhoods with high ‘Pride Scores’ show increased demand for housing

  • Trulia combined U.S. Census data with OkCupid search results to create neighborhood Pride Scores, then examined home values between 2012 and 2017 in those neighborhoods.
  • Although demand for housing in gay neighborhoods has gone up nationally, there are metro areas where home value has decreased.

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In 2012, the premium to live in a neighborhood with a high "Pride Score" -- a ZIP code in which a significant portion of the population comprises same-sex couples and single people searching for same-sex relationships on dating websites -- was $209 per square foot, $47 higher than the respective metropolitan median value. But since then, that premium has jumped to $320 per square foot, $86 higher than the respective metropolitan median value, according to new research from Trulia. This indicates that "America's gay neighborhoods have recovered at a faster rate than non-gay neighborhoods," according to Trulia's chief economist, Ralph McLaughlin, who outlined the findings in a blog post. McLaughlin added that it's important not to imply causation when what we see is correlation -- so although neighborhoods with high Pride Scores tend to also have higher home values, "the evidence isn't conclusive" as to whether the presence of those LGBT households in the community is what's driv...