Trulia study: Neighborhoods with high 'Pride Scores' show increased demand for housing

'America's gay neighborhoods have recovered at a faster rate than non-gay neighborhoods,' says Trulia's chief economist
  • Trulia combined U.S. Census data with OkCupid search results to create neighborhood Pride Scores, then examined home values between 2012 and 2017 in those neighborhoods.
  • Although demand for housing in gay neighborhoods has gone up nationally, there are metro areas where home value has decreased.

In 2012, the premium to live in a neighborhood with a high “Pride Score” — a ZIP code in which a significant portion of the population comprises same-sex couples and single people searching for same-sex relationships on dating websites — was $209 per square foot, $47 higher than the respective metropolitan median value. But since then, that premium has jumped to $320 per square foot.