Trump’s latest tax proposal: Will it make you more or less profitable?

  • The benefit of Trump’s tax plan for most agents hinges almost entirely on how self-employment taxes are treated for pass-through businesses, something the official proposals to date are entirely silent on.

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The Trump administration released a revised tax reform proposal on Wednesday, which you can read in full here. The real estate industry is abuzz trying to decipher if the updated proposal helps or hurts agents -- while the jury is still out, the realistic answer, frustratingly, is “it depends.” For a general analysis of the latest plan, I recommend checking out Brad Inman’s excellent piece published yesterday. In this article I’ll be updating the calculations to my Trump tax commentary from May, which aims to answer: for the average real estate agent, does Trump’s tax plan help or hurt your actual profitability? Assumptions For the sake of comparability we’re going to make several assumptions to compare your real estate agent bottom line under the current tax system to the proposed code. Although these assumptions aren’t perfect, I’ve tried to strike a balance between ease-of-calculation and realism so you can get a better sense of what your actual profit m...