Stumped on blogging ideas? Let Google help

How do you find your clients' common search terms?
  • Check out the Google Adwords search term report, Keyword Planner and the search box for uncovered blogging topics.

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The question isn’t whether you need to blog -- it’s what you need to blog about. Blogging demonstrates industry expertise, increases your network and improves overall ranking of your site. Online real estate marketing demands content creation, and blogging is a common way to share your content. Blogs result in direct lead generation if the post itself ranks in Google’s search engine results page. For purposes of search engine lead generation, the blog must be tailored to common search terms. If you’re clients aren’t searching about the topic, the post won’t generate organic leads. However, choosing a good blog topic isn’t as simple as identifying common search terms and writing about them. For example, there were 44,750 search queries for “selling a house” in August 2017 nationally (see these numbers in Google’s Keyword Planner). Although heavily searched, you’d have to pass Investopedia,, Trulia, HGTV and Time to crack the top page. ...