Adwerx Enterprise Brokerage Marketing

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Broker Pro-Tip: 84% of agents say they’re more likely to retain with a firm that provides this one technology…

Brokers: Did you know 84% of agents say they are more likely to retain with their firm when the firm provides this one technology?

It’s not surprising when you consider that 94% of them said that their seller had a positive reaction to it, and that a full 9 out of 10 agents believe that this one technology will help them land more listings and more referrals.

What if we told you that this technology gets 100% participation from your agents, guaranteed?

And it requires ZERO training to use it? It’s not another complicated CRM or transaction management system.

The best part is, the cost of this new technology scales up and down with your business, automatically. You pay more when you have more listings, and less when you have less.

And the only requirement to use it is a listing feed — something every brokerage has.

Welcome to the future. Welcome to automated listing ads from Adwerx Enterprise.

Here’s how it works:

  • Ads run automatically whenever new listings are detected.
  • Ads are displayed to local prospects.
  • Delight your clients through automated reporting.
  • Get thousands of ad views for each listing.
  • Retain and recruit the best agents by providing cutting edge marketing tech they’ll actually use.

Click here or call 844-898-2848 for pricing. Contact us today to deploy this powerful technology before your competition!

November 11, 2017
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