Realogy gearing up to challenge tech-savvy competitors

At ICNY, CEO Ryan Schneider discusses plans to unlock the real estate giant's vast mines of data

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Inman Connect San Francisco, Jul 16-20, 2018

NEW YORK — Leveraging untapped real estate data and enhancing the agent experience across a litany of brands will take center stage as Realogy battles for market share against a growing army of tech-enabled competitors, the company’s CEO Ryan Schneider said in his first public comments since taking the reins this month. Amidst a corporate restructuring in which no fewer than six top-level executives shifts have been made since Jan. 1, the former Capital One executive said Thursday that data across a dozen business units — nascent, but purportedly greater in size than any of its competitors — could soon be deployed to deliver a coterie of new products and services, for the benefit of Realogy’s estimated 286,000 sales associates. “I picked Realogy as opposed to coming in a different way because I actually believe that the power of having that technology and data at scale is actually more powerful in most industries than just being a pure disrupter starting from nothing,”...