5 costs that can surprise new homeowners

The rewards of making a house a home can be priceless

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Many years ago, after a carefree weekend away, my husband and I came home to discover we had no water, our television was fried and our refrigerator wasn't working. We looked at each other and thought of calling the landlord to demand immediate repairs, until we remembered that we were the landlords! As new homeowners, we needed to figure this out. As we muddled through insurance company claims and coverage, we were forced to come up with emergency money to repair the well and replace the damaged appliances. Needless to say, carefree weekends away were put off for quite a while. Homeownership is still considered by many to be the American dream, but to help make that dream a reality, we as real estate agents must not overestimate the importance of understanding the goals and expectations of each and every client. Across the country, inventory is tight. As a result, buyers today are often encouraged to bid over asking price and remove inspection and/or financing contingenci...