Home hunting advice from a best-selling sci-fi/horror author

Jeff VanderMeer, author of sci-fi novels 'Annihilation' and 'Borne,' shared his house hunting horror stories on Twitter

You’d think the authors of creepy sci-fi novels might appreciate homes with a little … character, shall we say … but not Jeff VanderMeer, author of cult classics like the best-selling Annihilation and the apocalyptic biotech thriller Borne.

The Florida-based author of more than a dozen novels posted a series of messages on his Twitter account Monday about his recent house-hunting experiences, including some sub-optimal features worth avoiding.

Those selling homes — or others assisting a client with a sale — would do well to take advice from VanderMeer on some design elements best left to the so-called “New Weird” literary genre he helped conceive:

Now the question is: how many of these homes will find willing buyers? Given that we’re in the midst of an historic inventory shortage, I’m not counting any out.

As for agents, moving any of these challenging listings should be a badge of honor.

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