5 ways to drive maximum traffic to your open house

Plus 5 questions to capitalize on your visitors and capture more leads

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When holding an Open House, most agents operate by one of two approaches:

  1. Hoping and praying to the real estate gods that people show up to your Open House, or…
  2. Holding a Mega Open House!

I’m sharing five of my best tips on how to drive tons of traffic to your Open House plus five more on how to convert those visitors into buyers and sellers.

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5 tips to drive traffic and generate massive exposure for your Open House

Create a short form (60-second) video and email it to your database as an invitation
Send this at least 48 hours before your Open House.

Create a Facebook post about the Open House and turn it into an ad with Facebook’s Ad Manager

Putting spend behind your post gives you the ability to target your audience based on geography, income, have children, age and more!

A day or two before the Open House, go door knocking to invite neighbors

Introduce yourself, explaining you just listed a nearby house and you wanted to give all the neighbors the opportunity to see the house before anyone else. Have a high-quality flyer to hand them that has a photo of the house and the price.

Don’t be a secret agent

Put out 20 to 30 signs surrounding the property. If local limits exist, just put out as many as you can.

Tag onto larger scope advertising whenever possible

Include your invitation with any company alerts that are going out.

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5 questions to maximize buyer and seller leads at your open house

“How long have you been searching?”

This helps you gauge where they are in the process.

“What websites do you look on?”

This helps you judge their level of desire and see how advanced they are in the process.

“What do you have in mind for your ideal home?”

When they begin to answer, take out your business card and start writing down what they want on the back.

“I see a lot of homes before they hit the market. Are you interested in learning about off-market properties?”

This is a great hook to encourage people to invite you to follow up with additional information.

“Do you need to sell a home to buy your next?”

This question helps inform you about their readiness and also opens the door to a listing lead if they say yes.

Mega Open House tips

The whole key to a successful Open House is making it an experience for every person who walks through the door. The neighbors are evaluating you based on how much excitement and interest you can generate as well as your knowledge of the community. The more you can impress on those fronts, the more likely they are to remember you when the time comes to list their own home.

If you dread Open Houses, you’re simply not doing them correctly. They can be an amazing source of buyer and seller leads simply by following the steps in this article and in our Open House Mastery bundle. Download it for free today.