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My coach recently asked me a great question.

“Tom, are you managing your time powerfully?” she asked.

This question really got me thinking. You can’t get more than 24 hours every day. But you can get more from those 24 hours.

I left the coaching session with a refocused mindset centered on maximizing every second of every day. Now I want to share four key time-management questions to help you spend your time doing the things that matter most.

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See my four key time-management questions below.

Are you focused on activities that are the highest and best use of your time (HBUT)?

Determining your HBUT basically involves identifying your absolute most critical activities. For most agents, these might include prospecting, appointments, working on their marketing, doing open houses, etc.

But be warned: When it comes to naming the tasks that are truly the highest and best use of your time, less is more.

The fewer things you focus on, the better. The more tasks you can outsource or delegate, the better.

You want to identify the very essence of your role: What you do best that you (and only you) can do for your business.

Do you measure your time against your priorities?

Now that you’ve identified your HBUT, it’s time to determine how much of your time is actually devoted to those activities.

If you’re anything like me, it’s probably not enough.

Conducting this analysis is a great wake-up call to ensure you start using your time more effectively.

When the projects start piling up, think about what is truly an HBUT vs. things that “feel” important, but aren’t.

Here’s the good news: If you find you’re only spending a fraction of your time on your priorities, that means you have so much untapped potential. Increase focus on your HBUT and watch your income soar!

Are you getting stuck in time traps?

Tasks that don’t lead toward the accomplishment of your goals are a time trap.

Not only do these time traps derail you from your true priorities, they also destroy your quality of life because you’re most likely working until all hours of the night.

Before you do any task, make sure it’s something that directly impacts your bottom line and absolutely must be handled by you. If not, delegate it or outsource it and move on to your next HBUT.

Do you have a clear vision of what your ideal week looks like?

Creating your ideal work week begins with the end result in mind and reverse-engineering what it will take to get there.

If you want to go on three listing appointments every week, that means tracing back to the number of conversations you’ll need to book those three appointments. And that means figuring out how many leads you’ll need to conduct those conversations, etc.

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Bonus: 3 tips to become a time-management master

  • Prioritize your tasks and determine your HBUTs.
  • Plan your week in advance by scheduling blocks of time.
  • Keep your schedule “up and visual” to increase accountability.

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