Empower your agents with automation

The tool that's a broker's secret weapon for results and retention

Twice a year, real estate’s best and brightest come together to discuss the state of the industry, and what’s on the horizon. Having attended Inman Connect over the last five years, one thing became immensely clear at the most recent gathering: the real estate industry is changing, and it’s time for brokers and agents to prepare.

As an ad tech company, we’re most interested in how technology trends are shaping the real estate space. What we learned in San Francisco is not entirely shocking, but certainly worth noting — there is an industry-wide focus on improving the consumer experience through the use of technology.

Consumer demands for innovation and ease have yielded digital yard signs, ibuyer platforms and other technologies that are making it impossible to remain “traditional.” The old model is caught in a shrinking space, and new trends will continue to challenge brokerages to redefine their business and marketing strategies in an industry that is constantly evolving.

Tech-forward advertising tools are dominating the market and quickly creating an obligation for brokerages to showcase what sets them apart. A redefined marketing strategy offers the opportunity to differentiate yourself from competitors and sell your specialty. At the end of the day, the availability of services that aid in agent workflow are what will pull the best brokerages ahead.

Technology is a way to level the playing field. That means brokers can provide tools that allow their agents to spend more time focusing on their clients, regardless of the company size. One of the most effective ways to do this, while maintaining your brand image, is to automate your online advertising.

Automation frees your agents

“I have too much time,” said no real estate professional ever. Between meetings, showings, seller requests and buyer inquiries, marketing is often the first victim of a full plate. Agents want to provide an outstanding customer experience first and foremost, and often marketing is seen as a necessary evil. Agents know the value of good marketing, but don’t have the time to really do it right. That’s where the brokers come in. Technology can help brokers support their agents in these areas that may otherwise be missed.

Automated advertising through a program like the Adwerx Enterprise Automated Listing Program allows agents to become digital marketing experts, without needing to lift a finger in the process.

Automation provides an amazing customer experience

Today’s sellers don’t want to compromise on price, value or services. In seeking an agent, they’re pursuing the person they believe will offer an extraordinary customer experience, and get their home off market before anyone else could. Providing a service that automatically advertises every one of your agent’s listings demonstrates to sellers that you are investing in the promotion of their home online.

Automation lets you compete with big brands

Brokerages who automate their advertising have the ability to compete with the world’s biggest brands. Following industry best practices, Adwerx makes the promotion of a seller’s listings more accessible and affordable than ever before. With many homes going under contract in less than one month, online advertising is essential for generating high visibility of a property in a short amount of time.

This automation allows agents to focus on building relationships — the one aspect of real estate that can’t be replaced by technology.

With the integration of technology, brokerages can maintain the spirit of what makes them special, and provide their agents with the right tools to become more productive. Automation is here to help, and it’s time to embrace it.

One of the fastest growing companies in real estate technology, Adwerx automates digital advertising for brokerages to delight the seller and increase agent satisfaction. Working with over 100,000 real estate customers, Adwerx helps individual agents promote themselves and their listings online, with custom ads optimized for Facebook, mobile and the web. Learn how easy digital marketing can be here.