The keys to a better virtual tour

7 photography and videography tips for an eye-catching virtual tour

It’s no surprise that the vast majority of potential home buyers are using the internet to search for houses. Recent studies show that buyers are paying particular attention to photos and virtual tours. So, how can you do more with your photography and videography to better position your listing?

Below are seven tips to capture the eye of potential buyers and inspire them to schedule a viewing as soon as possible.

Set the stage

Staging is everything. You want buyers to see themselves in that specific space, so make sure the area looks livable. The house should look cozy and inviting, and it should be free of clutter. People also have a hard time overlooking design that’s not their style, so encourage your clients to keep the décor as neutral as possible.

Think like a buyer

Do a walk-through of the home and see where you naturally gom then mimic that with your tour. Start with the front door and move into the common areas. Then transition to bedrooms and bathrooms. As you go, take note. What catches your attention? What would you personally want to take a closer look at? Be sure to take wide shots as well as close-ups, and when you post your photos or videos, order them in a way that feels intuitive and natural.

Let the light in

Lighting can do wonders for an indoor space. It’s best to open curtains and doors to draw in as much natural light as possible. If the house doesn’t have a lot of bright lights, you may want to bring in your own. Even a cheap floor lamp can help better light your shots. Take your photos and shoot your video when the most natural light fills the space.

Stock up on shots

Having a small inventory of photos and videos limits your options when sharing. Take a great number of photos and videos so you have a wide variety of options, which allows you to showcase the home’s best assets. Most people get in the habit of shooting vertically with phone cameras, so be sure to captures images horizontally or “landscape” orientation. A landscape home shot provides a much more valuable image than a vertical shot that showcases more of the ceiling and floor that you need to see.

Forget the flash

A camera’s built-in flash can make objects look unnatural and add glare to pictures, so it’s best to stay away from using it. If you find yourself needing flash, bring in more outside light sources.

Use social platforms

To quickly show off a house on social media, shoot a 360-degree photo using Facebook 360. A little bit of effort goes a long way with this tool, and potential buyers can easily immerse themselves in the home’s environment.

Think outside the house

A short video or a picture of the area outside the house can be just as intriguing as an inside shot. Does the house back up to a beautiful park or is there a nature trail nearby? Be sure to capture it. If time allows, scope out the area and pay attention to the time of day you snap your shots and video – a sunset can help produce spectacular results.

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