On this episode of his podcast, Brad Inman talks to Lake Tahoe agent Amie Quirarte about how the pandemic is affecting the mindset of buyers and sellers in a luxury, second-home market.

Every day, Inman founder Brad Inman texts and talks with many of the most important people in the real estate industry. Now, in these unprecedented times, he’s making some of those conversations public to share with you, the Inman community. Welcome to Brad Inman’s Daily Dispatch.

In this Daily Dispatch, Brad is joined by Lake Tahoe agent Amie Quirarte. Tahoe is a second-home market, which means owning a home in Tahoe is considered a luxury. Quirarte is sees a big divide between potential buyers and sellers: The former sees an opportunity to pick up prime real estate at potentially fire-sale prices, and while the latter seem to be waiting out the market.

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