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Present throughout the nation, many markets with high housing costs can be traced to at least on issue: lack of inventory. Compared to historical trends, data shows East Coast builders are not providing nearly as much housing as prices continue to grow.

Sep 21

One of the biggest benefits to living in a big city is the transportation. In fact, a Harris Poll survey revealed easy commutes rank second only to safety in terms of neighborhood choice.

For Windy City residents, the hunt for faster travel might be significantly easier, given Chicago ranked third in the nation for public transit in a Trulia study.

Aug 26

With all the celebrities, Wall Street mavens and foreign investors, you’re likely aware of the high-end market in Manhattan. But with Brooklyn getting pricier at a rapid pace, the booming borough could give Manhattan a run for its money someday.

Jul 28

Trulia recently released an enhanced search method that for commuters looking to rent in major metros. The website’s Rent Near Transit tool filters listings near subways and commuter train lines in Boston, Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco and Washington D.C.

Jul 27

Although homes are coming off the market at a slower pace in San Francisco, prices continue to flourish. Eighty-five neighborhoods hold an impressively high percentage of million-dollar homes.

Jul 7

Looking for a locale after college? Head to the Midwest, where Chicago ranks as the eighth best city for recent grads, according to Trulia.

Not only is Chicago affordable for fresh diploma-toting millennials, the area also has a large new graduate population and solid entry-level opportunities throughout the metro, according to a recent Trulia study.

Jun 23
Price per square foot dropping across the city, Trulia says
Jun 23

If you can make it in New York City, you can make it anywhere — right? Well, according to a recent Trulia study, most millennials aren’t bothering to find out. Rising rents have led to an escalating concern called out-migration, where low-income residents — including millennials — are forced to leave their locales in search for more affordable places to live.

May 9