Jimmy's Stories

Where can I find more listings? This is the question all agents ask themselves sooner or later. If an agent is unable to answer this one question, his or her career is in jeopardy.

Apr 26

As my car rounded the corner, I saw him on the road. He was sitting on his hind legs and chomping an acorn in the middle of the road just a few hundred yards away. When he first saw me, he dropped to all four legs with an apparent understanding that he needed to get out of the road.

Dec 14

The qualities of smart agents are universal. They are easily modeled and, if applied, will lead to dramatic business growth. Being a smart agent refers to intelligence or the ability to focus on the most important areas of the business.

Nov 25

Questions provoke thought and evaluation. Thought and evaluation reveal opportunities and opportunities lead to new and better ways to grow your business. Successful agents are in a constant state of evaluation. They search for ways to refine their business and to better serve more clients. They understand that the more people they serve, the more they will be served.

Nov 13

The number of agents who don’t survive their first five years in business is alarming. Success leaves clues, but so does failure. The following are six common characteristics of agents who don’t make it in real estate.

Nov 10

People choose an agent based on who they like, know and trust. Facebook has provided consumers with an opportunity to get a glimpse of who people are and what they are about. Your posts are either helping or hurting your career. The following are the posts that are killing your career and what you should post instead.

Oct 27

The real estate business offers a flexible schedule, the ability to help others and an uncapped income potential. High upside potential is accompanied by an equally significant downside risk. An excellent business can be derailed by a few bad decisions. The successful real estate agent is not only a product of his or her good decisions but also shaped by the ability to avoid bad decisions.

Oct 26

Success doesn’t come from an over-the-top promotion that suddenly catapults your business to new heights. Success comes from consistently doing the essentials needed to build a business that is constantly growing and sustainable in all market environments.

Oct 19