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I call this the sideshow method because you are creating value and putting on a show of sorts. It’s related to but outside of your primary business of real estate. Your community trusts you to provide them with the information that improves their lives. It could be on schools, restaurants, concerts or farmers markets.

Aug 20

There a few things you probably don’t know about Facebook carousel ads and how to optimize them to get the most bang for your buck. Here are four tips to create the best ads plus a few tech-specific ads.

Jul 7

Figuring out which plug-ins to use can be overwhelming. Personally, I’ve tested hundreds of them to power the different sites I’ve designed. For any site I design or help consult on, I always make sure these five plug-ins are installed before the first post.

Jun 29

With all of the information available on the Internet for homebuyers, they need a trusted guide such as a Realtor to get them through the homebuying process.

Jun 15

Everyone is talking about how content marketing is changing the way businesses of all kinds communicate with people. The process seems to be as simple as publishing content and watching the money roll in. Rand Fishkin of Moz calls this the Caveman approach.

Jun 2

Facebook announced an update to their ad platform that is big news for real estate: Agents can now add multiple images to their Facebook ads.

Jun 1

It is an exciting year to be a real estate agent. Every day is the best chance you have to do something new, differentiate from your competition and build authority in your local community. To sweeten the deal, you have more technology and tools than ever at your disposal to achieve your goals.

Mar 31

The hype surrounding Propertybase is largely due to the platform it’s running on: Salesforce. What I want to share with you are four ways you can leverage one of its most powerful functions, Chatter.

Mar 25