Q: How many posts can I write as an Inman contributor?
A: On average, contributors supply 2 posts monthly.

Q: What topics do Inman contributors discuss?
A: Contributors address topics that are immediately relevant to real estate agents, real estate brokers and the real estate industry at large. We’re interested in narrowly focused topics such as real estate marketing and real estate technology, and we’re also interested in hearing your broader views about the future of the real estate industry and your relevant personal stories about being involved in our industry. We like humor, too. Tasteful snark is never lost on the Inman audience or our executives. If you’re a specialist in a niche area, please don’t hesitate to apply – your voice needs to be heard.

Q: What materials can I submit as an Inman contributor?
A. We accept both written (300-500 words) and video (2-3 minutes) submissions. Multimedia submissions are welcome, too. Once you become a contributor, we’ll provide more detailed contributor guidelines.

Q: What are the benefits of being an Inman contributor?
A: Your message will be broadcast throughout the real estate industry, reaching 700,000 professionals. Articles are not only shared on Inman, but they are also promoted through our vast network of distribution channels including a 1.3 million member email subscriber base and a social reach of 4 million industry pros. Of course, contributors are recognized in article bylines and in biographies on Inman. Our current contributors report that partnering with Inman has been enormously beneficial to them both personally and professionally.

Q: What should I do if I have more questions?
A: Just send an email to contributors@inman.com with your questions. We’ll get right back to you.