Best. Real Estate Logo. Evah.

I made a trip up the I5 last week to Seattle. It was a chance to finally visit the epicenter of Real Estate 2.0 and meet many of the people I’ve been reading about and writing about over the last year.

A big thanks to the fine folks at Zillow for hosting me and letting me shoot some Inman TV interviews in their offices (as long as I could drag myself away from their fantastic view of Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains anyway).

Drew Meyers turned the camera on me too, while I was there, and posted the resulting interview on the Zillow Blog.

Driving home to Portland however and I saw this…

The Realtor That Rocks. Awesome.

I’ve ranted about real estate logos before (see Why Do All Real Estate Logos Suck So Bad?) – but this one was simple yet effective. Plus it spoke to me (might have had something to do with the AC/DC on the stereo at that time).

Rock on Brother.

[Pardon the crummy camera phone pic. I ditched my Blackjack today for a new iPhone today and what can I say, I’m totally loving it – finally, a smartphone that syncs nicely with a Mac and so much fun to use.]