Get Your .Me Domain Today

Open registration for .Me domains starts to today. The domains, which were previously reserved for entities based in the country of Montenegro, are now available for anyone to purchase.

(Amusingly, .Me was assigned to Montenegro after is declared independence from the former Serbia and Montenegro which used the TLD .Yu… so .Me split from .Yu)

Uses for a .Me domain?

Realtors using their own names as their main branding element would be wise to snag that URL. Using might be a unique marketing angle (…for a short while anyway) but in any case, it would be good to stake your claim on it, even if you don’t end up using it.

Also, if you’re planning on using Apple’s MobileMe push contact and calendaring service with your hot new 3G iphone – you can assign your .Me URL to your MobileMe account (by adding it as your personal domain under the account settings). Update: MobileMe won’t let you use a .Me domain as your personal domain, hopefully this is just temporary.

Anyway, I snagged – if you want to as well, go get ’em.