Haiku Deck: Create the perfect real estate listing presentation

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Looking for a simple presentation tool for the iPad? Sure, Keynote is cool, but it has a bit of a learning curve for most people. I really dig Prezi, but it is much better for presenting on an iPad, not creating on the iPad. Haiku Deck may be the app you are looking for.

Haiku Deck, a free app for the iPad, relies heavily on images, and I love that. Just yesterday, I sat through a 45-minute presentation from a lender’s marketing rep. She read every word of every slide to us. For 45 minutes. Yikes. I’m sure everyone has experienced “death by PowerPoint.” Avoid this by giving Haiku Deck a try.

Haiku Deck allows the user to import photos from their photo gallery, Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox, Flickr, Picasa, Google Drive or It will also allow the user to search Google for images licensed for public use.

The images are presented full screen, with the option to add a couple lines of text in different positions. This forces the presentation to be visual. Image-heavy presentations encourage the attendees to listen to the presenter instead of reading the slides over and over and over.

The latest version of Haiku Deck also allows graphs and charts to be created. They are clean and simple, and can be easily edited. An agent could insert a graph displaying local market data and update the information monthly by tapping and dragging directly on the graph.

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Additionally, users can upload, or publish, their presentations to This opens up many more distribution options.

  • Decks can be either public, restricted or private.
  • Public decks are searchable via Google.
  • Restricted can be viewed only by those with the unique URL.
  • Private are viewable only by the creator.

From, the user can share via email, post through social channels, or grab the embed code for a blog or website.

Haiku Deck has addressed the issue of sharing a visual presentation without the presenter. How can the user convey the message represented by a single image? Annotations. allows the user to add annotations to each slide.  These are displayed next to the image when the deck is shared or embedded. Facebook Friend Lists is an example of a deck I created with annotations.

Created with Haiku Deck, the free presentation app for iPad

Decks published to can also be selected for the Gallery, if they are listed as public. These are chosen based on content by the Haiku Deck team. HaikuDeck sends a weekly report of views for all of your public decks. How can an agent use Haiku Deck?

A few ideas are listing presentations, neighborhood overviews and market reports.

Show Off Your Neighborhood! is a simple look at a neighborhood in Gilbert, Ariz., that took less than 10 minutes to create.

Created with Haiku Deck, the free presentation app for iPad

Go to to see their video tutorials and check out some of the cool samples displayed.

Any thoughts on another way to use Haiku Deck in real estate? Have you created a Haiku Deck? Add the link in the comments below and show us your “visual” presentation.

Bill Risser is VP, new media and education, for Chicago Title Agency in Phoenix, Ariz. He also managed a successful branch for 10 years. Bill teaches real estate professionals how to use social and technology tools.