How to A/B Split Test Your Landing Pages

If you’re into marketing and internet marketing especially, you have to have heard about A/B Split Testing by now.

Steve Pacinelli, Co-Founder of speaks about A/B Split Testing at every Agent Reboot Event.

So, even though we are hearing about A/B Split Testing, and people are talking about A/B Split Testing, the truth is, most people probably aren’t doing it.

A Peak Behind The Curtain

Even though I talk about tracking, conversion, analytics and metrics, I don’t usually give a behind the scenes peak at what’s going on with my business activities too often.

Today I thought I would share with you the results of an A/B Test that I did recently on a conversion landing page. The conversion landing page is for Getting Started With Content Creation.

Let’s take a look.

Test A

I’m all about stupid simple.

Being a Productivity Junkie is about eliminating the distractions and focusing on the essential.

So my copy writing and sales tactics on this page are straight and to the point.

Test A includes, a short introduction paragraph and displaying the features in bullet points. I don’t even go in to benefits or outcomes. The form is simple and the call to action is overwhelming.

Note, I made it a point to have everything sit above the fold.

This was Landing Page A. Simple and straight forward.

Test B

On landing page B, I used the format suggested by a digital marketing guru. They swore this is the highest converting page they have tested across verticals and for products and services.

I couldn’t get the layout exactly as the guru had it, because of the lack of tools and coding ability. But I felt like I got the right idea and the key features of what he said would convert.

For Test B, not everything lives above the fold, but I did intentionally plant some elements of getting the eye to move where I wanted it to.  I also used a much stronger call to actions and placed two opt-ins.

Landing page B. Format suggested by a Digital Marketing Guru.

Which Landing Page Converts Better?

Which page do you think converted better?

Page A or Page B?

Landing Page A actually converted at 94%!!!

Landing Page B converted at only 5%.

So what are you take aways from this?

Here are mine:

  • Test everything. Always.
  • Simple worked better in this situation.

Now what?

I’ve already redid Landing Page B and am running another test. I have the ability to make the page look more like what the guru suggested, so I’m implementing that now.

After this test, I will go to work on seeing what tweaks I can make to Landing Page A. Now, you might ask, “How can I get better than a 94% conversion rate?”

I might not be able to, but I’d like to test what happens if I ask for a phone number and not just an email address.

How to A/B Split Test Your Landing Pages

Split testing online is pretty easy.

The only tools I used for this project

  • My WordPress site
  • Google Website Optimizer account
  • And the Google Website Optimizer for WordPress plugin

What tools are you using for split testing?

What things are you testing and what kind of results are getting?

BONUS TIP – Visit for some amazing info on split testing.