Is social media REALLY just a 'conversation'?

The simple lead gen step some real estate agents are missing

I hear it all the time from real estate agents and from social media experts: “Social media is a conversation.”

It is interesting to hear this statement floating around, a strong hold-out from old-school social media “best practices.”

Well, I beg to differ. Social media — Facebook, in particular — is an ultrafast way to generate highly targeted, “likely to use your services” real estate leads, and to do it with no conversation involved beforehand.

You’ve got to stop thinking that “social media is a conversation” and start realizing that lead generating using social media is a connection that becomes a conversation — but you’ve got to pull in that connection BEFORE the conversation.

Here’s what I mean:

Christina Ethridge is the founder of, helping real estate agents capture, convert and close Facebook leads.

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