Make 2022 your best year ever! 6 tips for massive results
To make 2022 your best year ever in real estate, make giving without expectation your biggest priority
by Jimmy Burgess Dec 4
The Real Word's top 199 moments
The Real Word is about to hit its 200th episode (next week!), and Inman has been there for all of it! Here Byron Lazine and Nicole White revisit their fave highlights from 199 episodes full of commentary on real estate's major news — plus all the fun in between
by Byron Lazine Dec 3
Is Oregon's ban on love letters in legal trouble? The Real Word
This week, Bryon Lazine and Nicole White discuss a lawsuit that's fighting Oregon's ban on love letters, top changes from the NAR annual conference and Real Estate Creative's social media content
by Byron Lazine Nov 26
Humor, connection, presence: How to upgrade your marketing in 2022
Statistics say that clients typically go with the first agent they meet — so how can you make sure you're that agent? Well, it comes down to your marketing. Luxe marketer Tiffany McQuaid shares a few strategies that'll help you stand out from your competition
by Bernice Ross Nov 25
$6M in 4 months: How to use this agent's free Facebook lead strategy
If you are looking for a source for free leads, don’t miss out on the opportunity that local Facebook Groups offer. Add value, be a valuable resource, and business will follow. Here's how Realtor Jay Johnson does it
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WATCH: Top female leaders on not waiting for permission
Tune in as top women leaders get real about some of the most challenging issues facing women working toward leadership roles in real estate today
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Back to the office? What real estate agents should wear
It’s time to trade in those sweats for 'real' clothes. But what constitutes professional attire now?
by Troy Palmquist Nov 19
WATCH: 'Selling Sunset' stars on the celebritization of real estate
Tune in as The Oppenheim Group's Jason and Brett Oppenheim and Mary Fitzgerald explore the power of the agent today during this panel at Inman Connect Las Vegas
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3 ways to show your thanks this year (and earn more business next year)
The personal rewards of being a thankful person has a higher ROI than any transaction you could close. Here's how to show your gratitude to your top clients and make this your best Thanksgiving ever
by Jimmy Burgess Nov 19
Create future closings: How to keep tabs on your VIPs
Provide yourself a clear path to success by focusing on anticipated listings and clients, along with your most active referral partners. Start filling up your whiteboard today, add value to the names on your board, and watch your business flourish
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