WATCH: Getting things done in one click
At ICLV, executives from Reali, Redefy and Pre Open House talked about how they're leveraging technology to make the real estate process easier for consumers
by Inman | Aug 16
The Real Word: Zillow's losing money, but not as much as before
Plus: Oregon nixed single-family zoning. What does that mean for agents?
by Byron Burley | Aug 16
WATCH: Don't fear the franchises
Jaime Hensley of American Real Estate ERA Powered, Charis Moreno of NextHome, and Greg Fox of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Alliance touted the benefits of joining big franchises at ICLV
by Inman | Aug 15
WATCH: What's the secret to having a stellar team?
Real estate coach Verl Worman recommends hiring aspiring professionals with an insatiable appetite for learning the ropes, or what he calls 'puppies,' onstage at ICLV
by Inman | Aug 15
WATCH: The 2019 Inman Innovator Awards
From Zillow to Redfin, watch the winners of the 2019 Innovator Awards at ICLV
by Inman | Aug 15
WATCH: How indie brokerages can compete sans signing bonus
Real estate leaders at Inman Connect joked that agents who defect for big bonuses are 'dead to us'
by Inman | Aug 15
WATCH: The tech that's digitally transforming the industry
Find out how the latest technologies and software are automating and enhancing the lives of both agents and consumers from the mouths of tech creators onstage at ICLV
by Inman | Aug 15
WATCH: The key to recruiting and retaining the best agents for your brokerage
Smart tech rollouts, outreach at pivotal moments and public recognition are all key to attracting and retaining agents, panelists at Inman Connect Las Vegas
by Inman | Aug 15
WATCH: How indie brokers are using iBuyers to compete
Tru Realty CEO Sarah Richardson shared on the ICLV stage that her iBuyer division now uses 12 callers to make 40,000 calls to potential homesellers a week
by Inman | Aug 14
WATCH: What's the key to nailing your listing presentations?
Hint: These Inman Connect Las Vegas panelists said cyberstalking, cultivating an online footprint, personalization, overcoming objections and creating a timeline are pro moves
by Inman | Aug 14
WATCH: Tales from tech acquisitions
What happens after your company is bought? Two founders in the real estate industry share their experiences
by Inman | Aug 14
WATCH: How to set up your team for financial success
At ICLV, team leaders DJ DellaSalla and Justin Havre share how they built profitable teams that continue to grow
by Inman | Aug 14
WATCH: How to take your team's branding to the next level
Tune in to find out how these top team leaders bring in new clients through innovative branding strategies onstage at Inman Connect Las Vegas
by Inman | Aug 13
WATCH: Rethinking your brokerage to maximize productivity
'We build a foundation, a structure, that agents build their business on top of,' one real estate executive explained Tuesday during an Inman Connect Las Vegas panel
by Inman | Aug 13
WATCH: The systems and tools top recruiters love
Keith Pike, a broker-owner at RE/MAX Elite who's ranked the No. 1 recruiter in the US, said onstage that automation and systems have kept him on top
by Inman | Aug 13
WATCH: A surge in first-time homebuyers is coming
At ICLV, real estate veterans Dolly Lenz and Patrick Stone discuss how first-time buyers will impact the market and why they are 'cautiously optimistic' about the year ahead
by Inman | Aug 12