Rewarding Top Commenters

A few weeks back I moved my blog roll off my home page and on it’s own page – mainly because it was starting to take up way too much screen real estate.

One by product of the move unfortunately, was I no longer had clear a way to promote newer, upcoming blogs or highlight those blogs I like to read daily.

So, following the Marketing Pilgrim’s lead I’m testing a new WordPress plugin (Show Top Commentators) that allows you to earn some Link Love from me.

The top 10 commenters each month will now get a sitewide backlink. This list resets itself every month. I’m hoping it will stimulate some discussion and reward active contributors to this site.

I’m also aware that it could easily be gamed and so I’ll be on alert to prune the “me too” type comments.

Anyways – let me know what you think. Good idea?