Sawbuck Hits a Home Run With HomeSnap

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Take a deep real estate technology dive, Aug 7, 2017

Take a picture of a home. Get all the publicly available information instantly on your phone.

Listed or not, by the way.

homesnap for iPhoneThat was Guy Wolcott’s goal when he built HomeSnap. I have to say, he pulled it off quite nicely.

Hundreds of thousands of “snaps” later, the iPhone app is a big hit with consumers. HomeSnap is garnering¬†mainstream tech blog love.

HomeSnap app

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At Inman News Demo Day I spoke to Guy right after he did a full 15-minute demo for us.

He shared with me the story behind the app, its rapid adoption and the plans for an Android version.

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HomeSnap feels like a peek into the future of information gathering.

Adding another nail in the QR code coffin.

You can download the app for your iPhone by visiting iTunes.