The Real Estate Market Data Revolution Will Be Televised

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It’s time for real estate statistics to get their close up.

Video Market Analysis

Home buyers and sellers love video.  They also love data.

Time to make a baby.Terradatum introduces Market Analysis Videos.

The technology pulls in live MLS data and plugs it into a well designed, easy to understand, less than 90 second video.

Charts, graphs, a professional voiceover and some slick editing help guide the viewer seamlessly through important local market statistics like median asking price, sales price and days on the market.

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Every month as the MLS data changes, so do the videos. Automatically.

The undeniable benefits of using video in your marketing, as well as some highlights of the new product are detailed here:

Terradatum Introduces: Industry Smart Videos

Here is a live Video Market Analysis, built in a stand alone player for Prudential Texas Properties.

In this example, @properties has supplemented their current market report pages by adding the videos to them.

Currently this is a broker level offering, an agent version of the tool should be available closer to the holidays.

Huge props to Stephen Schweickart and his team for building a truly innovative and useful product.