Barns to homes, a retrofit fad

Lofty space and old-era charm are inspiring wealthy homeowners to repurpose old wooden barns — those that once housed horses, hay, sheep, you name it in their farming prime — that dot the rural landscape into million-dollar posh homes complete with modern art and appliances, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Sometimes the 17th- and 18th-century barns are converted to luxurious homes on their original sites. In other cases they’re broken down, board by board, and fumigated for insects to either be erected in a new location or to be incorporated into new homes to add historic flavor.

The barns-turned-homes that retain their open layout are expensive to heat and cool and sometimes prove difficult to resell, the Journal reported, but the opportunity to live in history as a weekend retreat or as a main home drives this fad.

Source: Wall Street Journal