Hidden benefits of using a part-time agent

While full-time real estate agents claim they are better positioned to cater to clients’ needs, properly price a listing and market it in the best possible way, there are advantages to hiring a part-timer.

Chantay Bridges, a senior real estate specialist with Clear Choice Realty & Associates in Los Angeles, told Newsday that because full-time agents have busy schedules, a part-time agent can be more flexible when it comes to selling your house.

“Their schedule and yours may coincide nicely, especially if you have a full eight-hours-a-day job and so do they,” Bridges said. “You can meet after hours and weekends, and it may work out great for both of you.”

Using a part-time agent can also cost sellers less because “they don’t necessarily have to work on commission.” If a seller wants to take his time to consider offers over a long period of time, finding a part-time agent who is willing to accommodate a slower timeline and work at fixed rates can be a win-win. Source: Newsday