Doorsteps: Tap your real estate pro network to serve homebuyers

It takes a lot of people to get a buyer into a home, more than most homebuyers might imagine, and agents and loan officers are leaving opportunities on the table to share their trusted networks with consumers, according to Move Inc.’s homebuyer-focused tool Doorsteps.

Up to 12 real estate-related professionals come together to help make a home purchase happen, Doorsteps points out: a buyer’s agent, a seller, a seller’s agent, a loan officer, an underwriter, an attorney, an appraiser, an inspector, an escrow agent, a title officer, a home insurance agent and movers.

Since the buyer is responsible for choosing eight of the 12 pros that can be part of the homebuying process, Doorsteps points out it’s a good idea for agents to have a clear network developed to help clients navigate their purchase.

Source: Doorsteps