A downtown Toronto homeowner has listed his 17-bedroom Victorian for $1.7 million, but buyers have the option to purchase a quarter or a half of the house for $479,000 or $960,000, respectively, according to CBC News.

The retirement-aged owner of the three-story, park-bordering home, which is currently used as a rooming house, prefers to remain living in the third story if the home is not sold whole.

“It’s a home that’s very hard to leave,” the homeowner told CBC News. “There’s excellent views of park from two sides. It’s like having a forest in front of your house.”

The listing agent told CBC News that offering to sell a portion of a house is unusual. “You’re buying an interest share in the property, not unlike two people who know each other coming together and buying a property together,” he said. “We’re bringing people together and forming an alliance and a partnership.”

Source: CBC News

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