Trulia: City 'hoods are more popular for families with preschool-age children

Using U.S. Census data, Trulia looked at the ratio of preschool-age kids (0 to 4 years old) to elementary school-age kids (5 to 9 years old) in neighborhoods in 10 large U.S. cities and found that the “more expensive, higher-density, urban neighborhoods” are the most likely to have families with preschool-age kids than those with elementary school-age kids.

Over the last year, Trulia pointed out, asking prices and search traffic on Trulia have risen the most in city neighborhoods popular among families with kids younger than 4 years old. So, Trulia suggests, families with kids in that age range who want to remain in the city may find better deals by looking in neighborhoods popular among those families with older kids.

Source: Trulia