Yearly costs to power a startup in 8 international cities

The annual costs for a startup (office space and salaries for a Web developer and Web designer) in eight international cities — Zurich, Switzerland; Sydney, Australia; New York City; San Francisco; London; Paris; Mumbai, India; Manila, Philippines — were tallied by Besides learning that Web developers make a little more than designers and that both make healthy livings, the info makes clear that running a startup is expensive, especially in the West.

The cost to operate startups in New York City and San Francisco for one year were $296,592 and $263,088, respectively, with the cost of office space — $45,600 in the Big Apple and $22,080 in the City by the Bay — accounting for much of the difference. Developers and designers go for $87K and $77K, respectively, in New York City, and $81K and $79K, respectively, in San Francisco, according to’s numbers.

Mumbai and Manila were the only cities on the list to have total annual startup operating costs below six figures — $71,184 and $45,464, respectively.

Source: VentureBeat