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PropertyShark reveals 411 on homeowners

ListBuilder tool supplies contact information based on search criteria, a real estate data site, has developed a tool that allows real estate professionals and others to quickly develop lists of property owners and contact information based on user-specified criteria.

The ListBuilder tool also allows users to create mailing labels based on the customized lists.

PropertyShark promotes the tool as potentially useful for residential Realtors, interior designers, real estate developers, investors, lenders and commercial brokers, as these professionals could use ListBuilder to search for prospective clients and new business opportunities.

Lists can be customized based on location, including borough, community district, neighborhood, ZIP code, block, or owners within a specific building. Lists can also be customized by class of building, including residential, commercial, mixed use, industrial and vacant lots; and property characteristics such as number of units, square feet, stories and lot size, PropertyShark announced.

The company has also created a series of pre-built QuickLists, such as a list of condo owners who purchased the properties for more than $1 million in the past three months and all buildings with recently filed permits for complex construction projects.

PropertyShark also offers customized data services. Bryan Owens, director of data services at, said in a statement that "creative requests have included custom lists based on buildings with particular zoning, air rights available, toxic sites nearby, or in areas with economic and development incentives."


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