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Roadmap to Recovery: Victor Lund Q&A

Editor's note: This Q&A is a part of the Inman News Roadmap to Recovery editorial project, which focuses on the future of the real estate industry. Click here for details on how to participate. The following is an Inman News Q&A with Victor Lund, a partner with WAV Group, a real estate consulting company: Q: How will the real estate industry be different when we recover from the current downturn? A: Brokerage and agents will need to get better at communicating with consumers online. When online tools were introduced into the real estate transaction, agents and brokers adapted but did not learn the new behavior necessary to communicate effectively to their customers. The industry adopted "auto-responders," which is not the personalization consumers seek. They want to be afforded the same personalized service that they get from a Realtor in real life. In drips and drabs we are beginning to see this personalized service evolve. Agents are using smartphones to ...