Face time weeds out ‘White Knights’

Part 2: Finding the best Realtor

Editor's note: This is Part 2 of a two-part series. Read Part 1. You're thinking about selling your house. What steps can you take to locate the right agent to represent you on the sale of your property? Part 1 of this series outlined eight steps to take to find the best Realtor to market your property. The next step is to meet with at least three agents to see who is best qualified to represent you. 1. Presentation or interview? The best agents will approach your appointment as an opportunity to learn about the property and to get to know you better. They will ask questions about improvements you have made to the property, what you have liked about living there, and about issues that you are required by law to disclose. Be wary of agents who talk exclusively about their achievements and how great they are. If the agent doesn't listen to you before you sign the listing, he won't listen afterward either. 2. Avoid White Knights A "White Knight" is an agent wh...