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17 BlackBerry real estate apps

Property search, calculators dominate list
Published on Jun 25, 2010

The BlackBerry has ranked as the most popular smart phone among real estate professionals, according to a report released this year by the National Association of Realtors' Center for Realtor Technology. The report's results are based on 1,485 responses to a survey the center conducted in January about Realtors' smart phone use. About 41 percent of respondents said they use a BlackBerry to do business, while 26 percent use an iPhone and 14 percent use a Palm device. Respondents were most likely to be considering either a BlackBerry or an iPhone for a future smart phone purchase, the report found. The following is a list of the BlackBerry App World's free and paid apps in its "Business-Real estate" category ranked by popularity. According to the company, the apps are ranked using a metric that takes into account information from the written reviews, in addition to the star rating. Most of the apps are free. The most expensive one is $6.99. They are listed in the order the...