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‘Don’t be afraid to change direction’

Real Estate Connect Speaker Profile: Alex Chang

Alex Chang, CEO at, a company that offers online social media networking and marketing tools, will discuss how to engage consumers and grow your brand using Facebook, as as a speaker at the Real Estate Connect conference in New York City, which runs from Jan. 12-14, 2011. Chang has previously served in executive roles at, and He responded to a set of questions posed by Inman News: 1. What is the most important business lesson you've learned in the past year? Don't be afraid to change direction if your gut tells you to do it. 2. What inspired you to pursue your current career path? My first exposure to the technology startup world was Netscape in 1997, and I got hooked. 3. Share a personal experience or anecdote about buying, selling, owning, or renting a home. My wife and I were very thoughtful about trying to time this market. We were fortunate enough to have bought in one of the few ZIP codes in San Francisco that appr...